Ecosystem Restoration Design Summit

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Start Date: Yearly
Next Summit Dates: TBA

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The Ecosystem Restoration Design course has been a special programme for Gaia Education and the Ecosystem Restoration Camps. Now we are offering all participants, past and present, the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the Ecosystem Restoration World by joining facilitators, presenters, and alumni at our online ERD Summit

Join us for five days fully packed with interviews, presentations and Q&A with truly hands-on change-makers and learn:

  • How to determine whether an ecosystem requires restoration
  • What steps are needed to restore an ecosystem
  • How to engage community
  • How to fund a restoration project
  • Indigenous wisdom for ecosystems restoration
  • If cities can be restored
  • How to design for resilience and disasters
  • How to learn and engage further

Presenters include a wide array of restoration experts and activists representing diverse ecosystems and communities from around the world. The summit will be hosted by our Ecosystems Restoration Design facilitators, all experienced in permaculture, community resilience and design.


The 1st ERD summit was from the 2nd to the 10th of September of 2022. All the sessions were online, and we can click on the buttons bellow to watch the recordings.

More than 400 people registered and watched this summit, in more than 15 talks we had the opportunity to talk about:

  • The Ecosystem Restoration Camps Movement and the Birth of the Ecosystem Restoration Design Online Course. 
  • Healing our seas, people and planet!
  • Restoring and Re-storying Narratives of Ecosystem Restoration for Climate Resilience and Adaptation
  • Restoring Temperate Forests: learnings from the Caledonian Forest in Scotland
  • Ecosystems Restoration and Climate Change
  • Permayouth
  • Regenerative Seawater Agriculture:  a regenerative, circular, mangrove-based agroecology
  • Restoring and creating healthy ecosystems in tropical situations – and everywhere else! – is infinitely easier than most people seem to believe.
  • Bringing Water to Life with Floating Ecosystems
  • Cityplot Collective: “Growing edible cities, regenerating urban communities”
  • Creative Partnerships for Thriving Regenerative Business
  • Slow down and return for the Earth 
  • Regeneration is for everyone: Inspiration from around the world


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We are offering this Summit under the Gift Economy approach. Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds! Suggested donation: £5-£100 
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