Sofiia Levinska


Sofiia Levinska (Tepla Gora Ecovillage, Ukraine) has a strong passion for organisational work, believing in the strength of community, from the local to the global.

She has co-facilitated two 17 days Soft Skills courses (EDE inspired) in Ukraine and her strength topics are relationship development, group dynamics, deep listening, feedback, facilitation, personal borders.

Sofiia is project manager of the "Tepla Gora" ecocenter, founder and manager of the "Neprosti" children's camp in Ukraine.

Sofiia took EDE in Glarisegg (Switzerland) in January 2023, ToT Social Dimention course in Damanhur (Italy) in September 2023 and GEDS Social Dimension course (online) in October 2023. She also traveled and volunteered in communities and eco-villages in Denmark, Sweden, and Germany.

Sofiia is moving her life to a simple, calm, long one surrounded by beautiful people. She is inspired to learn, try new things, brainstorm, dream and structure information into lists and tables.