Sabina Santovetti

ritratto sabina

Sabina Santovetti, 64 years old, Italian, mother, architect, designer, teacher, spiritual ecologist and artist runs a Boutique Architecture &
Design Firm in Rome. The firm’s philosophy gives exclusive attention to Eco-design and sustainability issues. In the last 30 years, she is
committed in designing new and old residential buildings, with all respect to their contest and life quality. Her focus is to use energy saving
principles and ecological certified construction materials. She also has been involved in designing textiles, products, furniture, interiors,
events, theater and cinema sets as part of a personal vocational formation. She also paints subjects related to Feminine Energy and
currently she is writing and researching for a book on the Energy of the Feminine. In the last four years, she has devoted her time in
learning feminine spiritual ecology, being in activism for Extinction Rebellion, facilitating the Work that Reconnects and Community Building
in the Transition Town Movement as a certified trainer. She is currently studying at the International Academy Hagia, Modern Matriarchal

Studies with Heide Goettner-Abendroth, as well as re-thinking and embodying her life as a new journey of discovery, healing and dedicated
commitment to develop new strategies of resilience to the climate and ecological crisis. Her Eco-sophy focus on Spiritual Feminine Ecology.


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