Sion Zivetz

Sion Zivetz

Sion Zivetz

“Unless people can become natural people, there can be neither natural farming nor natural food.”

Sion offers sustainability education that empowers people to take action with their own two hands. His facilitation is always student centered and focused on drawing collective knowledge while adding his own perspectives and experiences to guide the learning. Sion enjoys the challenge of working with plants, as well as the challenge of designing landscapes, from patterns to details. He enjoys sharing ideas with others and seeing how, with the right tools and effort, good design can solve any challenge. At the heart of it, he is an educator and works to recognise and support the skills and interests of others as we collectively move towards bringing this planet back into its abundance.

Sion was educated and started practicing Permaculture in 2007 and was trained and accredited as Analog Forestry instructor in 2014. As an Ecovillage Designer Education facilitator, he brings the learning and experience of these complimentary sustainability design tools into his facilitation. He has also earned two degrees in Sustainability and Sustainability Education from Portland State University. He was the co-manager of Belipola Sustainability Education Center in Sri Lanka for 3 years.

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Country: Sri Lanka (resident), USA and Australia (nationality)

Academic title: M.Sc. Leadership for Sustainability Education

Teaching language: English

EDE facilitated: NextGENOA EDE, Gaia Ashram, Thailand 2017


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