Silvia Di Blasio


Silvia Di Blasio

“In our time of disturbance and radical change, we are crossing a threshold, a portal, or an unseen bridge from one world to another. It could be said that the bridge is either collapsing beneath us, or being made as we walk together, in the long twilight hours when one civilization gives way to another.” ~ Geneen Marie Haugen

After completing two PDCs and a certificate in teaching permaculture, Silvia embarked in an exploration and experiential journey that brought her back each year to O.U.R. Ecovillage, where she has experienced life in community as participant, visitor, friend, supporter, teacher assistant and instructor. After completing a bachelor in psychopedagogy, an advanced diploma in adult education and online instruction, life and career coaching, Silvia took classes on ecopsychology, ecotherapy and disaster management and completed a certificate in sustainable design from Gaia Education.

Silvia works at Gaia Education as academic and eLearning coordinator and facilitator, she also works as a coordinator of the Capra Course and co-coordinator of the Work that Reconnects Network, where she is also a WTR facilitator.

GEN Ambassador and supporter, Silvia is passionate about regenerative livelihood creation, resilience building, regenerative livelihoods and deep adaptation.

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Country: Canada & Argentina

Academic Titles: Bachelor in Psychopedagogie, Diplomas in Adult Education and Online Instruction, Certificate in Disaster Management

Website: and 

Teaching languages: Spanish & English

EDEs Facilitated:

co-facilitated in O.U.R. Ecovillage 2018 & 2019