Jane Rasbash

Jane Rasbash
Jane Rasbash

“The most radical thing any of us can do at this time is to be fully present to what is happening in the world.”

– Joanna Macy

Jane works in sustainable development using an empowerment and engaged spirituality approach. She lives in Findhorn Ecovillage and has taught on EDEs in Findhorn, Sieben Linden, Myanmar and Thailand.

Jane supports all stages of the project cycle as a needs based consultant for community, sustainable education and rights based projects in Asia and Africa. Jane has taught the work that reconnects for many years and more recently transition town training. She co-founded the Grassroots Leadership Training, an ongoing programme with a big impact on emerging civil society in South East Asia, particularly Myanmar.

Jane is also a life coach who mentors leaders in the South, often working in incredibly challenging situations. She is passionate about Traditional Village such as Ecovillage and shifting existing communities towards resilience, and supports GEN to take this forward.

Knowledge Cloud

Country: UK, Thailand, Myanmar

Academic Titles: MSc

Website: Mindful Facilitation for Empowerment

Teaching language: English

EDEs Facilitated:
Sieban Linden
Chinese group in Bangkok

20 Years of Grassroots Leadership Training, The Myanmar Experience, 2016
Seeds of Peace Journal: Migrant Workers are Human Too, 2015
No River Bigger than Tanha, with P. Hutanuwatr, 2005

Academic Papers:
Death Truck Case, Migration, Labour Exploitation & People Trafficking in Southern Thailand
with Anjalee Janchum presented at Global Ethics, Conference UWE, 2010

Press articles:
Journey to Senegal – Our Common Future, An African experience of traditional village transition to ecovillage
with Kosha Joubert and Ousmane Pame, 2013
Deep Reflections from Bangladesh Project Stakeholders Meeting, March 2016
Ecovillage Transition Asia: Supporting Traditional Villages to become Ecovillages Chiang Mai Province, Thailand
Geese Information 2013





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