Monika Hösterey

Monica Hosterey

Monika Hösterey

“The community you like to live in has to be created with you.”

– Mariló Herrero

Monika currently lives in an indigenous village and was named responsible for the drinking water supply. Today she is actively committed to strengthening her intentional community and making transition happen in her rural/indigenous environment. She collaborates with Moxviquil a center of environmental education and is inspired by the Zapatistan way of social organization and social transformation. Monika is a Macrobiotic Consulter, Biodanza Facilitator, Permaculture Activist and Biointensive practitioner. She studied water management in the Healing Biotop of Tamera, part of the Global Campus of the Terra Nova movement.

She is a Cofounder of a consumer association (Stielbruch in Germany), Cofounder of a Woman association (Espelura in the basque country), Cofounder of a Women Study House in Spain and Cofounder of the Healing Biotope/Ecovillage INLA KESH in Mexico.

Knowledge Cloud

Country: Mexico

Academic Titles: Ergotherapist


Teaching language: Spanish, German, English, Euskara

EDEs Facilitated:
2018 EDE in Mexico

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