Maddy Harland


Maddy Harland

“Seen from the sun, the biosphere is whole – one radiant membrane, blossoming from the earth’s core of flowing rock. All beings bathe in the same flow of sunlight, all are washed by the same air and breathe in subtle, rhythmic accord. Gaia, as biologist Lynn Margulis wrote, is symbiosis – the mutual interdependence of the whole – seen from space.”
– Eleanor O’Hanlon

Maddy is editor and co-founder of Permaculture magazine and Permanent Publications, a publishing company dedicated to regenerative, ecological solutions. She helped set up the Sustainability Centre in Hampshire, once a military base, now a thriving learning centre.

Maddy is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and is a Visiting Knowledge and Exchange Fellow at the Institute of Theological Partnerships, Winchester University.

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Country: UK

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Teaching language: English

EDEs Facilitated:
Thailand in Bangkok,
Worldview with Will Keepin,
Worldview – Sept 2016 in London

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Press articles:

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BBC, 2016
How we made a garden of edible delights: monoculture to permaculture
The Guardian, 2014


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