Juliherme Piffer (Xaba)



“If the force of gravity were a person supporting you this would be called Unconditional Love.”

– John Croft

Xaba is a consultant, facilitator and designer of groups and collaborative projects. He is also a Master of Physics, eco-entrepreneur, permaculturist, Dragon Dreaming trainer, Transition Network trainer and Gaia Education trainer. Xaba has background in sociocracy, nonviolent communication and circular processes.

He has participated in programmes such as Warriors Without Weapons (Oasis Games), Germinar and WYSE International Leadership. He combines art, creativity, self-knowledge and collaborative methodologies to facilitate groups and projects focused on human development, systemic sustainability and innovation.

His purpose is to conduct processes for individuals and organisations to create their own conditions of well-being and to prioritise human relations in a collaborative and environmentally responsible manner in personal and professional settings.

Knowledge Cloud

Country: Brazil

Academic Titles: Master in Physics

Website: ddbr.org

Teaching language:  Portuguese, Spanish, English, Italian


[2012] Sustainable Rainbow Gatherings: Some Suggestions;
[2017] Vulnerabilidade e Realidade: Bobeira é não viver a Vulnerabilidade;
[2006-2017] Lenguas Latinas Inclusivas de Genero;


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