Henrique Ribeiro


Henrique Ribeiro

“The soul is like a butterfly… there’s a moment in which a voice tells us the time has come for a major metamorphosis”

– Rubem Alves



The search for happiness led me to a spiritual search, then Gaia Education; consequently a big and a strong personal transition.

I believe in changes and people. For me, respect, empathy and consumption habits change are base to the transition of the world which we live.

Currently involved with SDG’s (United Nations – Sustainable Development Goals) and 2030 Agenda, doing workshops and multiplying agents.

Knowledge Cloud

Country: Brazil

Academic title: 

Bachelor in Law (Centro Universitário UNA, Brazil);

Pos-graduated in Business Law (Universidade Estadual de Londrina – UEL, Brazil);

Pos-graduated in Business Management (Fundação Dom Cabral – FDC, Brazil)

Teaching language: Portuguese and English