Frands Frydendal


“It is hard to be human; but try anyway”


Born 1956, father of 3 sons. Frands is a hobby-musician (guitar, violin, electric bass).

Educated as a Ceramics Designer 1979 and as a Physiotherapist 1988.

He acquired experience and training in working with ”Social Psychiatry”. In Danish Social Psychiatry community it is the healing factor for mentally/emotionally wounded people. In this work Frands had crucial learnings about how the conflicts of a group/community are internalized by individuals, and vice versa: how the inner conflicts of individuals are played out in a community, and why an emotionally healing community must have a different structure from that of the ordinary, modern society.

He has attended many courses mostly in the social dimension of Community Building: Dragon Dreaming, different flavours of Sociocracy, Holacracy, Deep Democracy etc. He studied and completed EDE (Ecovillage Design Education) in Hallingelille, Denmark, 2012.

Knowledge Cloud

Country: Denmark

Teaching language: Danish, English

EDEs Facilitated: EDE Ghana 2016

Publications: Presentation on Conference Sociocracy For All 2020: