Daniele Apone

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“The revolution begins with you, inside We better take the time to make our interiors revolutionary, our revolutionary lives, our revolutionary relationships and our work revolutionary.”

Daniele Apone is a post-graduate in Economics and Sustainability Management (University of Rio de Janeiro) and a graduate in Social Communication with an emphasis on Public Relations (University of São Paulo).

Founder of Entrenós, an organization focused on social impact which has a record of 60 projects with 45 different partnerships in the past nine years. Her focus has been on strategic planning and managing projects towards environmental issues, emphasizing social engagement and sustainable business. She is an enthusiast of participatory decision-making methodologies that aim to lower social inequities. She believes in working through networks as means to broader positive impacts in our society.

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Country: Brazil
Academic Titles: Post-graduate in Economics and Sustainability Management
Teaching language: Spanish, Portuguese

Website: entrenos.org

Press article: https://midianinja.org/colunistaninja/cultura-de-doacao-no-brasil-e-a-covid-19-quais-aprendizados-e-conquistas-podemos-ter-com-a-pandemia/