Tell your story...

Programme Overview

Type: e-Learning
Start Date: June 03, 2024

Length: 6 weeks
Study Time: 3 to 5 hours / week
Facilitated by Daniel Greenberg

Registrations: until June 10, 2024

Developed by:

In this time of global unravelling, millions are losing hope that a regenerative, meaningful and just future is even possible. But those of us connected to ecovillages not only know a better future is possible, we’re living it now! Developing and sharing our personal narratives of living from a place of love can inspire others to help manifest this (re)emerging story of our being in community with each other and all life.

So, what’s your story?

  • What is something you wish everyone knew about your life or community? Why?
  • How did you find your passion or purpose? Why is it so meaningful to you?
  • How have you struggled with bringing your vision into reality?
  • How has living in community transformed you, surprised you, or challenged you? 

This course is for anyone who…

  • is curious about the art and practice of storytelling
  • is wanting to delve into, craft, and share meaningful personal stories
  • would value working with an intimate cohort of peer storytellers
  • understands the power of storytelling and would like to become a better storyteller
  • is comfortable with Zoom and working on a computer


Course Objectives

Through eight 1.5 hour sessions we will…

  • Create a safe online community to support our story crafting and sharing
  • Learn about why stories are so important in this time of transition
  • Explore what makes a great story that can impact others and the world
  • Develop, revise, and share a meaningful personal story
  • Learn basic audio/video recording/editing using the online platform WeVideo
  • Craft our “digital stories” with narration, images/video, and music
  • Optionally, share our stories on Gaia Education's YouTube channel with each other and the world

Dive into this opportunity 

Course Outline

Week 1 - Deep Orientation

  • Block A: Welcome and personal Introductions, Intentions, Agreements
  • Block B: Course Overview: Map, Weekly Themes, Intro to Storytelling, Writing prompt
  • Homework: Personal map, Outline a story to share, Review Guides

Week 2 - Deep Time

  • Block A: Indigenous Wisdom and the Great Turning
  • Block B: 1st Story Circle: Breakouts with Feedback
  • Homework: Revise or draft new outline

Week 3 - Deep Stories 

  • Block A: What Time is It and how did we get here?
  • Block B: 2nd Story Circle Breakouts with Feedback
  • Homework: Finalize Script

Week 4 - Deep Adaptation

  • Block A: Where are we now and where are going?
  • Block B: 3rd Story Circle Breakouts with Feedback
  • Homework: Collect/create images

Week 5 - Deep Sustainability

  • Block A: What is an ecovillage? What is our ideal community?
  • Block B: Intro to WeVideo, Audio Recording; 4th-Story Circle
  • Homework: Record story

Week 6 - Deep Relationships

  • Block A: Choosing to Love, Conflict and Communication
  • Block B: 5th Story Circle and Feedback, Video Editing
  • Homework: Rough Cut Video

Week 7 - Deep Meaning

  • Block A: Finding our Why; Mapping our Stories
  • Block B: 6th Story Circle and Feedback, Advanced Editing
  • Homework: Final Cut Video

Week 8 - Celebration and Next Steps

  • Block A: Screen Final Stories
  • Block B: Gratitude Circle
  • Homework: Course Evaluation and Release Form

Course Instructor

Facilitator: Daniel Greenberg, Ph.D.

Daniel has been involved in the ecovillage movement since 1988 when he pursued his doctoral thesis on “growing up in communes.” He then spent a year at Findhorn where he was inspired to found the non-profit Living Routes, which partnered with University of Massachussets to run study abroad programs based in ecovillages around the world. Daniel is co-founder and past Board Member of Gaia Education, and served as President of the Global Ecovillage Network from 2015-2019, and as director of education at the Findhorn Foundation from 2022-2023. He is now inspired to bring forth stories that can help put “flesh on the bones” of a more regenrative and peaceful world.

Daniel G