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EN-Japan Gaia Youth is a learning program for youth from 18 to 29 years old, certified by UNESCO and Gaia Education.
It will be held for young people who want to become changemakers and create regenerative communities. Including a company, an organisation, a circle, and some others. Participants can experience the inseparable world through some kinds of meditation in a forest area and a Japanese Traditional Tea ceremony;
Through the innovative communication method ( named ScienZ Method, ) they will learn social management for regenerative communities. It is essential to have its own community business. Participants can learn the practical examples of a thriving farming company and a Lunchbox producing and delivering company. Another point is to try an innovative economic system without money exchange. Our program can offer the opportunity to experience reforestation and walk along the seashore at a part of the important ecological area designated by the Suzuka-city government.
Finally, young people can learn from each presentation of Total Design for regenerative community building.

5 GEN-Japan Gaia Youth 2022 Reforestation gathering

mini-EDEs Japan

As part of the Gaia Youth, mini-EDEs have been held in Japan since 2017, organised by GEN Japan. These are week-long programmes based on the curricula of the regular EDE, with all four dimensions, but focused on youngsters in Japan. 

The intensive course for young people was launched in 2022, in response to the increasing participation of young people, in particular from 2020, and their demand for a regenerative way of life in a new era. 

japan 2022
Gaia Education

“I could learn how to make a good relationships. Very interesting how people could change from the inside.
Soothing and communicating with each other, hope for the future.”

Quote from the Social Dimension

Gaia Education

“My next step is to listen to my soul and live honestly in
it. International / Chinese / Japan younger generation
will be as one. I will host such a gathering.”

Quote on the Worldview Dimension

Gaia Education

“It is the heartfelt and rational conversation and discussion for humanity without making enemies to solve global problems. That is essential.”

Quote on the Ecological Dimension

Certify a Gaia Youth Programme

The Gaia Youth programme enables educators and young people to explore how the UN Sustainable Development Goals are deeply relevant to their own lives and those of all humanity, and gives them an action-learning based pathway to local implementation in ways that are most relevant and useful to their community. Of all generations alive today, the young people who will come of age during the 12 years leading up to 2030, have the most to gain from and the most at stake in, humanity’s collaborative effort to achieve the Global Goals.

Certified Gaia Youth Programmes are invited to become official contributors to UNESCO Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development.


2 GEN-Japan Gaia Youth 2022 Social Communication based on ScienZ