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Gaia Youth and School in Estonia works with children from 7-12 years. Each year a new 1st class starts, so today there are classes 1-6, and in 6 years there will be a full gymnasium of 12 years. The main site is in Tallinn with ca 80 children and there are four other locations in Estonia with a total of 120 students. Gaia Education’s whole-school approach enhances the environmental performance of schools as institutions, and promotes integrated governance, and stakeholder and community involvement by imparting the values and tools that today’s children and youth will need to build and maintain more sustainable societies.

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Certify a Gaia Youth Programme

The Gaia Youth programme enables educators and young people to explore how the UN Sustainable Development Goals are deeply relevant to their own lives and those of all humanity, and gives them an action-learning based pathway to local implementation in ways that are most relevant and useful to their community. Of all generations alive today, the young people who will come of age during the 12 years leading up to 2030, have the most to gain from and the most at stake in, humanity’s collaborative effort to achieve the Global Goals.

Certified Gaia Youth Programmes are invited to become official contributors to UNESCO Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development.


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