SHE-EDE - THE WORLD PREMIERE Women Ecovillage Design Education


Type: Face to Face 

Start Date: April 26th 2023

End Date: May 25 2023




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We are pleased to announce the World Premiere of the SHE-EDE program meant to empower
women, raise their awareness and create resilient Communities inside the Ecovillage Design
Education Model. A group of experienced facilitatresses decided, after years of experience in EDE
circles, but also in Matriarchal, Feminine, Activism, Community building and Healing circles, to
create a new format of EDE, that would respond to a call in help of the continuous unconscious
abuse that women live everywhere around the world.
This SHE-EDE is a 4 week Head, Hand and Heart immersive learning and community experience
to empower women, find their sisters and connect to the feminine wisdom of worldwide
communities in order to create a shift in consciousness and a more equalitarian/sustainable and
peaceful culture in the world.
We offer a journey of research, empowerment and diverse experiences.

She-Ede will be an embodied women’s think-tank that creates better communities with their
empowerment as a collective force in order to create equalitarian, peaceful communities as a
unified collective force of change. A space for embodied research and transmission of women’s
culture and soul. A place of interchange with the local community in order to create a more mother-
caring society. This process of women’s introspection, sharing and healing in a safe, delicate
space, we hope will engender, once back in the everyday life of their community, a sacred social
empowerment in order to facilitate inclusion of every gender, race, nationality with no blame or
The project program revolves around the cyclicity of life, Mother Earth Dimensions and the Spiral
Work of the Work that Reconnects, combined with the Dimensions of the Ecovillage Design
Education Program. At Meta level, the project revolves around the Spiral Work of the WTR and its
Sacred Wheels.
The Ecovillage Design Education program will be fully acknowledged in all its study dimensions,
clarifying that the systemic holistic ecological vision we are following in our SHE-EDE program is
the same one followed by many Indigenous Cultures of which many are matriarchal ones. In this
Meta frame, women should become aware of their powers and their history in order to create within
themselves, as a group and in society a new wisdom in compassion – as maiden, mothers and
crones, in service to climate emergencies.

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Social Dimension:
Matriarchal and Indigenous cultures
Motherhood as a cultural model
Collective processes for community building including Scott Peck
Sociocracy 3.0
Group Decision Making
Possibility Management
Conflict Resolution
Circle Culture
Transparent Communication and & Active Listening
Reclaiming your power
How to heal your wounds
Worldview/Cultural Dimension
Deep Ecology
The Work that Reconnects
Meeting Women and Local Communities
Global Ecovillage Network
Women Circles
Singing Culture
Decolonizing Patriarchal toxic system
Matriarchal Societies and Indigenous Cultures
Patriarchal system and unconscious mindset awareness

Ecological Dimension:
Permaculture Design & Principles
Bio-Architecture, Class A buildings
Sustainable Infrastructures, water and energy
Whole system approach to Design
Agricultural Self Sufficiency
Ecological Italian Gastronomy
Dynamic Agroforestry – Food Forests
Hands on gardening
Food Waste

Going back to the Roots of Mother Earth awareness through Women’s wisdom

Economic Dimension:

Regenerative Economics
Gift Economy
Doughnut Economy
Leadership and Entrepreneurship
Comparing Community Economies, Women Economies
Empowered Fundraising
Money, You and the Economy

Movement for self-contact and empowerment
Embodiment practices for non-verbal research & self-expression
Contact Improvisation
Authentic movement & Authentic voicing
Life Dance
Holistic Dance Practices
Meditation, Yoga & Breathwork


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MAGLIANO SABINA is an existing community that chooses environmental protection as an Ecological Transition Town Movement strategy than Industrial Growth Society one. For more than 15 years, this town has been investing its public resources to make that technological shift and be ready for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Goals.
The Eco-hostel where the She-EDE is taking place is an example of this ecological virtuosity. However, this is also visible in the sustainable infrastructural actions of the town of MaglianoSabina and its surroundings.
In its agrarian rural reality, it is still close to the metropolitan city of Rome – a rural-urban area with the plus value of being close to the city but in an agrarian and natural environment. In recent decades, this area has been particularly appreciative of the present trend of the population in search of a better quality of life. In addition, this quality can be found in the genuine food coming from ancient traditions; from its biological grown products; from the scale of its villages that attracts community and caring interactions; from healthy living being embedded in a natural agrarian environment. The municipality and its citizens are happy to welcome our women community and willing to gift us of their public spaces, gymnasium, art and community spaces.
Ecostello’s facilities are part of the charming XVIII century nuns’ monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie and has been renovated following the best practices of energy and water self-sufficiency.
The Magliano Sabina ecoHostel serves as a role model for environmental sustainability with its adoption of innovative ecological solutions.
You will be hosted in a charming environment with all comforts.


How to run an EDE?

Several of our EDE graduates have carried on organising EDE programmes in their local areas, and you are warmly encouraged to do so after completing your course.

The recommended time frame of an EDE is four weeks, however this is not fixed and varies with each individual programme.

The material can be condensed into smaller workshops, spread out over a longer period, or distributed in blocks at different times and locations.