EDE São Paulo, Brazil


Type: EDE Hybrid | 50% face-to-face + 50% online

Start Date: 26 January 2023
End Date: 18 June 2023 

Course language: Portuguese

Website:  www.ciclogaiaviva.org

Social Media: @ciclogaiaviva

Contact: ciclogaiaviva@gmail.com

Location: City of São Paulo, Brazil
Carandá School/Madalena Freire Space. Rua Joaquim de Almeida, n. 459 

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Program Description

This is the EDE Gaia Education: ciclo Gaia viva 2023 program, which will be carried out in a hybrid version, where the contents of the 4 dimensions of sustainability will be shared among educators and participants, part online and part face to face, in São Paulo/SP, through interactive and collaborative tools.

The program presents tools and skills that support the promotion of your personal and professional transformation, generating systemic impacts in your life and in any field or sector in which you are involved, consequently, in your community.

There are more than 30 incredible educators, presenting themes and proposals that make this cycle a learning space that supports you in directing your choices in a conscious way, so that they are aligned with principles that care, recover and promote life!

When we understand that we participate in the great web of life, we become aware that each choice we make individually reverberates in the world. In times of urgency, each of us needs to do our part.

The proposal is to combine the presential experience with technology, allowing participants to connect from different places simultaneously, at the same time that we will take advantage of the dynamics and experiences of the presential.

The EDE Gaia Education :: ciclo Gaia viva 2023 will start on January 26th, 2023.

More information at www.ciclogaiaviva.org

You will gain

. Support network, new friends, ideas, inspiration and active hope!

. International certification of Sustainability Designer by Gaia Education

Main Goals


. To offer an integral learning in the four dimensions of sustainability

. To experience social tools for leadership, participative decision making, group facilitation, improvement of communication skills

. To explore solutions and experience effective ways to transform realities

. To experience in the personal and group field, the development of design skills in effective projects and actions

. Understanding the ecological practice of permaculture, agroecology, ecological building and retrofit, integrated water management, public space management.

. To raise awareness and engage the understanding and practice of solidarity and regenerative economy as well as conscious and responsible consumption

. To explore the importance of engaged spirituality and the culture of peace in building new societies

. Skills and tools for integrated design in four areas of sustainability: ecology, economy, social and cultural aspects

. Appreciate an artistic and celebratory approach to life


How to run an EDE?

Several of our EDE graduates have carried on organising EDE programmes in their local areas, and you are warmly encouraged to do so after completing your course.

The recommended time frame of an EDE is four weeks, however this is not fixed and varies with each individual programme.

The material can be condensed into smaller workshops, spread out over a longer period, or distributed in blocks at different times and locations.