EDE - Nile, Kenya


Type: Face to Face 

Start Date: September 23rd 2023

End Date: October 21st 2023

Website: www.nilejourneys.org

Application deadline: Jul 21st 2023

Contact: team@nilejourneys.org

RIOFA, Rusinga Island, Kenya
Tiriji Eco-center, Kithoka, Meru, Kenya

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Programme Description

This programme is designed to bring you in close contacts to two rural Kenyan communities; Rusinga Island and Kithoka. We will be hosted by Rusinga Island Organic Farmers Association (RIOFA) and Tiriji Eco-Community in Kithoka Meru. Throughout a month, we will experience a unique EDE, bringing the African wisdom at the centre of Ecological, Economic, Social, Cultural & Spiritual as well as the regenerative design. We will bring these dimensions into practice, learning from the local communities by co-designing and co-implementing ideas and projects of relevance to the local communities.
This EDE is co-organized by the NILE journeys; hence the bio-regional element of the NILE basin is
an integral part of the learning process. Participants will unfold the treasures of what the Nile brings
and will have the opportunity to connect to lake Nalubaale (Lake Victoria) one of the sources of the
river Nile.

● To explore the permaculture practices in Africa in general and in Kenya in specific.
● To learn social tools for leadership, participatory decision making, group building, conflict
transformation with a focus on indigenous wisdom from Africa.
● To learn about the eco-social dynamics of the bioregion of the Nile, lake Nalubaale (Victoria)
and Eastern Africa’s highlands.
● To experience a holistic education process in the four dimensions of sustainability
● To explore solutions for food sovereignty and effective models of transforming society from
dependency to interdependency.
● To experience two visionary community in “real life”, and learn from their story of existence.
● To experience playfulness and artistic approach to life
● To explore the importance of spirituality and creating sacred space in building new societies

● Certification by Gaia Education as an EDE designer
● In-depth knowledge of Kenya, East Africa, the Nile Bio-region and Africa.
● Integrative design skills in four areas of sustainability: ecology, economy, social aspects &
● First step for setting up EDE-courses in your region
● An experience of the mode of life in a Kenyan rural setting
● Visited three regions in Kenya: Meru, Nairobi and Homa Bay
● New friends, ideas, inspiration and hope!

The cost is divided into two components ( course fees & food and accommodation)
Course fee:
- Regular €1250
- Early Bird € 1000 (First 5 applicants)
Food and accommodation options:
- Single room in RIOFA €1400
- Shared room in RIOFA €1200
- Tent in RIOFA € 1000
Worth noting that accommodation in IPI and in Nairobi are all in shared rooms.
We do not want the financial issues to be a blocker for your participation, please communicate with us if you are interested in participating. We have limited scholarships. Priorities for scholarship will go to locals, a second priority will go to people living in Africa and the global south. We also are open to discuss group discounts, if organisations are sending 3 people or more.
A 25% deposit must be transferred to book your slot after receiving a confirmation of your
attendance. Confirmation is on the basis of “First Apply First Served”.


Inspired and instructed by the Nile RIVER, the NILE Journeys aspires to offer such a regenerative approach while at the same time complementing the business, political and economic progress in ways that strengthen and further weave the grassroots fabric.
The NILE Journeys is founded as a platform that aims to bring forth and illuminate the ancient knowledge of the river and its people through a range of trans-local activities. The platform envisions to develop means whereby individual practices can become collective mediums to build trust in order to transition from conflict to collaboration through regenerative cultures and life affirming actions.
The NILE Journeys aspires to connect people of the Nile River through practices that build on values deeply rooted in our African soil. The Nile Practice, although particular to a region of Africa, will hope to offer universal practices of how people can live in balance with all life forms to be applied anywhere in the world. This platform is the safe container that will host the NILE Journeys’ activities online and on the ground. The online dimension will allow for dialogue, knowledge sharing and connection to occur. The on-the-ground dimension will translate into a network of learning spaces across the region. In this context, the NILE Journeys intends to attend to the soil, while the online and physical Community Hubs are encouraged to plant their seed and flourish in harmony in a shared ecosystem. Each seed shall grow at its pace and according to its genuine shape.

In a nutshell our overall dream or vision is to live in “Nile Basin ecosystems that Nurture Life affirmation”. Our mission to reach this dream is “To foster meaningful relationships towards a thriving ecosystem in the Nile Basin by creating & facilitating experiential learning, nurturing regenerative impulses and cultivating indigenous wisdom”

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What is different about this EDE?

This EDE is the first to be organised by the NILE Journeys. It will be unique in a lot of aspects and
will provide participants with new experiences and in depth knowledge particular to our communities in Kenya. You will experience life in a rural Kenyan/African setting, you will be surrounded by nature at the proximity of two landmarks of the African continent; the footsteps of Mount Kenya and Lake Nalubaale (Later called Lake Victoria) one of the sources of the Nile.
In addition to the two communities we will be in, you will have the chance to visit Nairobi, cross the
Great Rift Valley by local transport and have the choice to explore one of the worldwide renowned
Kenyan national parks during one of the weekends.
Participants will also acquire in-depth knowledge about the African continent, local indigenous
practices, local traditions, storytelling, local food and local markets. You will also gain an overview of the dynamics of the Nile Basin and Eastern Africa, as well as get exposed to African wisdom from across the continent.
This EDE is also a very practical one, where participants will use their efforts and hands in supporting local farmers and learning from them. All the projects designed will be practically implemented in local farms of the members of RIOFA.

Brief about host communities

Triji Eco Centre

Is (a place of abundance; a place of remembering)’ an ‘edible’ eco-cultural retreat and peace
conference centre situated in Meru, Kenya. Triji was created to remind the Meru people of their
so-called old ways that have been forgotten, yet were very Earth and people enhancing. These skills are needed today to kick back the impact of climate change that is affecting our world and our livelihood today. They are also critical for rebuilding the broken people-to-people relationships across cultures. One of the main purposes of the space is to develop and put in place regenerative energies, appropriate technologies and sustainable agriculture for a healthy relationship with Mother Earth.
Also, to create a peace academy space where people come to learn and share effective ways to
build non-violent lives and resilient communities. Triji wants to bring forth and embody an
Earth-respecting culture of “restore, respect, replenish” instead of the current one of “domination,
depletion, and destruction” of nature and to model for high quality, low impact lifestyle; build
community as well as integrate marginalised groups in order to tap into the wealth of our diversity;
engage in sustainable projects that inspire children, youth, women and men to contribute to
sustainable peace and development in our communities;

is a community social enterprise working with smallholder farmers in Rusinga Island and
around lake Victoria Region, committed to being a model and learning centre in regenerative
farming and business practices through being with the land and promotion of organic farming
principles as well as permaculture ethics of earth care, people’s care and fair share. RIOFA
aims at promoting sustainable land use management, resilient food systems, empowering
smallholder farmers, women & youth groups through Permaculture, agroecology, organic
farming with the dream of nurturing vibrant, flourishing and peaceful communities in Rusinga
Island and around lake Victoria. RIOFA is founded by 21 farmers from Rusinga island. The
organisation is committed to gender equal opportunities with 50% of the members being
women farmers

Support African Youth Build Sustainable Ecovillage

The NILE Journeys is a platform of communities across the Nile Basin aiming at reversing the dynamics of disconnect between Nile Basin societies into a relationship that nurtures life affirmation. 

Together, with the two community hubs in Kenya; the Rusinga Island Organic Farmers Association (RIOFA) in Rusinga and the Tiriji Eco Community in Kitkameru, Kenya, We are organizing for the first time a bioregional Ecovillage Design Education course, certified by GAIA Education.  

Partner with us as we strive for a sustainable future for the basin and the continent. Your contribution makes a difference!

By the end of this campaign, 20 African farmers and young adults from the Nile Basin and all over Africa will have the opportunity to become professionally certified eco-village designers so that they can work on regenerating their land and making their communities resilient to Climate change and other externalities


How to run an EDE?

Several of our EDE graduates have carried on organising EDE programmes in their local areas, and you are warmly encouraged to do so after completing your course.

The recommended time frame of an EDE is four weeks, however this is not fixed and varies with each individual programme.

The material can be condensed into smaller workshops, spread out over a longer period, or distributed in blocks at different times and locations.