EDE Damanhur, Italy


Type: Face to Face 

Start Date: August 31st

End Date: September 28th

Website: damanhureducation.it

Contact: ede@damanhur.org


Damanhur, Italy, via Pramarzo 3, 10080 Baldissero C.se (TO)

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Programme Description

Spend a month in close contact with one of the world’s most successful communities: Damanhur has been a centre for spiritual, artistic and social research since 1975 and is renowned throughout the world for the Temples of Humankind, an underground work of art, completely realised by hand.



  • Social tools for leadership, participatory decision making, group building, conflict solving...

  • A holistic education in the four dimensions of sustainability

  • Exploring solutions and experiencing effective models to transform society

  • Experiencing a visionary community in “real life”, that has been existing and transforming for 42 years

  • Transmitting design and implementation skills for effective projects

  • Ecological knowledge and practice from permaculture, green building to renewables

  • Developing an artistic approach to life

  • Exploring the importance of spirituality and creating sacred space in building new societies


  • Certification by Gaia Education as an EDE designer

  • Integrative design skills in four areas of sustainability: ecology, economy, social aspects & culture

  • First step for setting up EDE-courses in your region

  • New friends, ideas, inspiration and hope!


Course fee: €1200, Food and accommodation not included (different options available). Reduced prices for young people up to age 25, and scholarships for people from developing countries.

Damanhur Education

The NGO Damanhur Education aims to create, develop and disseminate, at national and international level, the education on environmental sustainability and divulgation of the culture of respect for the environment and alternative human settlements (ecovillages) as well as global training of any individual, in all age groups.

Such education is based on a holistic and spiritual vision of the individual and of life and is interpreted and lived as a continuous opportunity for both cognitive and ethical exchange in the development of social relationships. The Association aims to spread, disseminate and popularize a culture of conscious and sustainable development, in the social, economic, ethical and cultural area and supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations through concrete actions. Damanhur Education has been recognised NGO with Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 2018.

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How to run an EDE?

Several of our EDE graduates have carried on organising EDE programmes in their local areas, and you are warmly encouraged to do so after completing your course.

The recommended time frame of an EDE is four weeks, however this is not fixed and varies with each individual programme.

The material can be condensed into smaller workshops, spread out over a longer period, or distributed in blocks at different times and locations.