EDE Bali 2024


Type: Face to Face

Date: Nov 4th - 30th 2024

Where: Dune Alaya Ecolodge: Pemuteran, Bali, Indonesia

Contact: dunealaya@gmail.com

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Join us for a Regenerative, Community Life Design 

An internationally celebrated program for anyone seeking to manifest change in their life. This course provides an introduction to alternative governance, sustainable economy, and essential ecological practices. Discover the joys of collective living, health and wellbeing.

A chance to change. Let’s do it together !

Bali EDE 5

Are you ready for a journey of self-discovery, community building, and a deep dive into the numerous solutions that Ecovillages provide for conscious living? We look forward to this one month together, where we will not only gain practical and theoretical knowledge, but we will also make friendships and join a network of like-minded people that will remain with us for a lifetime. 

What - A 4 week residential course, so that participants can live together and experience the joys and challenges of collective living. A chance to explore oneself, in a group setting.

Where - Dune Alaya Ecolodge is in Pemuteran, Bali. The design of the ecolodge includes several efforts in each dimension to reflect ecovillage values. The location provides options for triple room, shared or single cottages. The campus includes a multifunctional hall, dining area, swimming pool, farming area, a river, and lots of green garden spaces. It is located at walking distance from nearby hills, and coral reef bays.

When - 4th till 30th November 2024. The course will be conducted from Monday - Friday, with space for emergent activities on Saturdays and Sundays will be off. 

Who - Anyone above 18 years of age, wanting to experience a unique self-development course and expand their knowledge on environmental friendly, sustainable and conscious community living. Nothing is pre-required, just come as you are, with an open mind.

Why - The world urgently needs us all to make a change in the way we live. Let’s “be the change we want to see in the world.” Find out who you are, and what you are most passionate about, so that waking up every day becomes a joy.


Dune Alaya Ecolodge: Pemuteran, Bali, Indonesia

The project was started by a family who were wishing to live closer to nature. They initially settled with tents, in order to “listen to the land”, and then slowly developed the space into a beautiful green oasis; with simple wooden cottages surrounding a swimming pool, a multifunctional hall and dining area. The principles of ecology and conscious living were instilled from the very beginning; with practices of organic farming, utilizing ecological products, a focus on water retention, waste water recycling, and minimal energy consumption integrated into the campus. 

All cottages are traditional Balinese heritage structures that have been restored - in order to highlight the use of upcycled material, rather than harvesting new wood. The place is intentionally non-air conditioned, provides semi-outdoors bathrooms, and is furnished with antiques. The management team is committed to ensuring this space continues to reflect ecovillage values and provide a learning space for anyone wanting to try a new way of life. The team is proud to be able to welcome people to realize that living ecologically can also mean living comfortably !

Bali EDE 11

Dune Alaya Ecolodge is located in Pemuteran, North -Western Bali. It is not far from the Menjangan National Park which is known for its forest, pristine coral reef beaches and islands nearby. Thus, the National Park has had a big influence on the type of activities emerging from the local and foreign communities in the area - many of them choosing to focus on ecological practices and eco-tourism. We are therefore happy to share that this course will also include a number of local experts who will share their examples for a better future. 

Although Dune Alaya Ecolodge does not reflect a 100% complete “Ecovillage,” it does embody many of the guiding principles that the Global Ecovillage Network, and Gaia Education define for Ecovillage based Education. Thus, the students of this EDE will be able to measure the success of the Ecolodge as a case study, and help define new targets for the upcoming years. This course also includes two more case studies for design nearby. The first, a 600m2 plot of land dedicated for an alternative economy co-op shop. The second, 9000m2 plot of land is open for a collective design process toward a future ecovillage way of life.


A Holistic Approach to Education

The Ecovillage Design Education is a comprehensive course on the fundamentals of sustainability design. It is organized as a mandala that we call the sustainability wheel, encompassing what we perceive to be the four primary dimensions of human experience – Worldview, Ecological, Social and Economic aspects. Each of these four dimensions contains five modules, resulting in twenty subject areas to focus on.

The EDE Course was specifically designed to enable people and communities to come together to reclaim responsibility for their living situations - at local and regional levels. The curriculum is composed of a universal framework, adaptable to the local environment. The EDE offers an education that assesses the current state of the planet and local area followed by place-based solutions for a regenerative paradigm.

The course includes 130+ hours, 20+ days, over 4 weeks - which is Certified by Gaia Education and also recognised as contributor to UNESCO’s ‘Global Action Program for Education on Sustainable Development’. The program provides entrance into the Global Ecovillage Network, and is a first step toward becoming an “Ecovillage Educator” or eventually “Ecovillage Consultant”.

The course requires no prior knowledge or pre-requisites. Participants of all backgrounds are welcome to join - with whatever small or large scale intention for manifesting change in their personal or professional lives.

Bali EDE 8

Schedule Overview

Week 1 - Social: Deep diving into one’s individuality, while exploring your place in the collective whole. This module will also provide tools for conflict resolution, alternative governance, and building of social glue through collective community  activities and space for new emergence.

Design Challenge:  Dune Alaya Ecolodge Assessment

Week 2 - Ecology: Discovering Permaculture Design Tools while exploring watershed management, trash management, reforestation, sustainable agriculture, coral reef rehabilitation, and some hands on work.

Collective Design Challenge: 9000m2 Land for future Ecovillage Project.

Week 3 - Economy: Exploring Alternative Economy Models, alternative currencies, and sustainable production, while engaging in local livelihood practices. We will also measure the host site’s impact and local economical entrepreneurship network.

Collective Design Challenge: 600m2 Land for future Cooperative Shop.

Week 4 - Worldview: Providing space for the exploration of our inner worlds with morning practice, and design of new collective practices. This last week will also provide space for project design and for the celebration of our progress and accomplishments.

Individual Design Challenge: Life Design


An Investment for those Seeking to Change

The course fees and what they include are described below. If you would like to apply for a bursary or scholarship based on need or merit, you can request this by email, and we will then forward you the required application process. If you are financially stable and have the means to cover your own costs, please do not apply for any financial support.

ede bali fees

*Bursary & Scholarship: We are eager to support local participants based on need and/or merit. Please send us an email describing your situation and motivation.

*Sun 3rd Nov PM Check In - Sun 1st Dec AM Check Out.

*Limited spaces; first come, first served basis.

*Cottage Selection first comes first choice.


Please fill out the application form, you will receive a confirmation of your participation by email.


Please ensure payment for course fees and accommodation are made in order to secure your place. 


Participants will be refunded 1/2 the course & accommodation fees if requested 1 month prior to course start date.

The Course Fees Cover:

  • 6 Facilitators EDE Certified: Our core team is made up of 6 Educators who have also been EDE Certified. 
  • 6 Experts from Bali: This course will invite various experts from the bioregion to share their knowledge with the group.
  • Transport:. All site visits will be covered by the course with mini-van. Cycles will be available for shared use during the course. Access to scooter/taxi rent is available nearby; at your own expense.
  • Course Materials: Providing a Welcome Gift Bag, and Printed Sheets, and other basic stationary needed for sessions.
  • Accommodation: Check In on the 3rd November afternoon, and Check Out on 31st November morning. If you like to stay longer, please make a booking through Airbnb or Booking.com.
  • Airport Pickup: Although not included in the price, if requested, we can give you a trusted contact to book with.
  • Vegan Food: All meals are included from Monday-Fridays. There are various restaurants/cafes/groceries nearby at your own expense for weekends. Those wishing to cook together will also have kitchen access. 
  • Certification Fee: Gaia Education certifies this course, and thus the course fee also includes this expense.

* It does not include Flights, Taxi, Medical Insurance, Visa Costs, Scooter Rent, and other personal expenses. 

Thank you for you interest in our Bali EDE ! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email dunealaya@gmail.com or whatsapp +62 813-3904-7912



How to run an EDE?

Several of our EDE graduates have carried on organising EDE programmes in their local areas, and you are warmly encouraged to do so after completing your course.

The recommended time frame of an EDE is four weeks, however this is not fixed and varies with each individual programme.

The material can be condensed into smaller workshops, spread out over a longer period, or distributed in blocks at different times and locations.