EDE Auroville, India


Type: Face to Face 
Start Date:
20 February 2023
End Date: 18 March 2023 

Website: https://www.comm4unity.com

Contact: kavitha.urvasie@auroville.org.in


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Programme Description

Welcome to the Auroville EDE !

This 4 week Gaia Education certified program is for anyone seeking to manifest change in their life.  Learn through Auroville's examples of conscious alternatives, that inspire transformational processes of self discovery, and applied design, in the context of community living.

This program will allow you to:

  • Explore yourself and unravel your place in Community
  • Discover Auroville through the 4 dimensions of Sustainability
  • Participate in collective Design processes
  • Design your individual Life Project

Auroville Ecovillage

Auroville is a township project, and is home to over 3000 permanent residents, while employing over 7000 from the neighbouring villages, and attracting over 4000 tourists on a daily basis. It is spread over a large area of over 25km2 and is made up of a collection of about 120 “sub-communities.” It has countless interesting projects that can be visited as demonstration sites for solutions in building a new world.

This immersive program allows for a deep dive into individual and collective process for transformation. It is specifically designed for those yearning for change; as a space to live, learn and work to support one another through it. Participants will not only learn more about themselves, but they will also discover a variety of examples for ecology, alternative economy, innovative social and worldview solutions that Auroville has been internationally acclaimed for.

This residential course is hosted in an affordable accommodation, where the campus allows for shared facilities, and learning spaces indoors and outdoors. It will act as a point to experience community living, however, there will also be almost daily excursions out to visit as many other examples of solutions as possible. Students will be allocated a room in pairs.

Please contact us for a copy of the course brochure and application form. Please note that this course provides a suggested experience - however it will be tailor adjusted to YOUR learning requests. Thus, the interview process beforehand plays a key role - so that facilitators can understand the applicants in depth, in order to then re-arrange the curriculum accordingly to meet the learning needs of the students that plan to come.

In Auroville we are inspired by Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alphassa’s philosophy on “Integral Education” - thus the course is also designed in a way to allow for “free progress” learning, and for all levels of our being, Physical/Emotional/Spiritual etc. to be explore through the complimentary 4 dimensions of Social/Economy/Ecology/Worldview/Design from Gaia Education.

Auroville 4

How to run an EDE?

Several of our EDE graduates have carried on organising EDE programmes in their local areas, and you are warmly encouraged to do so after completing your course.

The recommended time frame of an EDE is four weeks, however this is not fixed and varies with each individual programme.

The material can be condensed into smaller workshops, spread out over a longer period, or distributed in blocks at different times and locations.