Petra Carman

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Hailing from Slovenia, Petra Carman brings a vibrant spirit to the world of sustainable education. As a certified EDE trainer specializing in the Worldview/Cultural and Social Dimension, Petra holds a Ph.D. in social psychology, delving into the fascinating realms of ecovillages, human-nature relationships, and the dynamics of change.Her journey began with the 2016 TOT in Scotland with Jane Rasbash and the late Pracha Hutanuwatr, one of her revered teachers and mentors. Petra later immersed herself in the vibrant community at the Braziers Park School of Integrative Social Research in England from 2017-2018.Passionate about both mindfulness/ meditation and empowerment, Petra’s journey from Thailand to Myanmar showcases her dedication as she actively organizes and facilitates EDEs and TOTs. Guided by mentors Pracha Hutanuwatr and Jane Rasbash, Petra is committed to making a positive impact through her training efforts.