Vincenzo Santiglia


Vincenzo Santiglia

“Creativity comes from Silence.”

– Jean Klein

I was filled with concepts and opinions until the day I felt lost and suffocated. Life then introduced me to a traditional Non Dual perspective in 1985 and I began to forget.

Today I discover myself holding the intent of uniting inner work with service to the world. In bridging inner and outer work, I explore my growing edge and this keeps me honest. I believe in continuous education and I am passionate about everything that promotes the integration of the fragmented self, communities and life systems.

In 2008 I began to explore the field of trauma and discovered ways to bring mending to myself and to the world. It is an art, a science and a practice that sustains everything I do. It also helps me to remember that happiness is our real nature.

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Country: Italy

Website: Sicilia Integra

Teaching language: English, Italian