Max Lindegger

Max Lindegger

Max has worked in the fields of applied Permaculture and Ecovillage design for many years (internationally in 60 countries) with focus on design in sustainable systems, water and wastewater, and infrastructures.

He has acted as a teacher in Permaculture and ecovillage design since 1981. His focus today is on small scale farming with a strong focus on beekeeping and all bee products.

Max is currently working with Ockenden in Cambodia with local farmers as a volunteer.

Knowledge Cloud

Country: Australia

Academic Titles: Farmer


Teaching language: English, German, Spanish

EDEs Facilitated:
Thailand in Bangkok,
Worldview with Will Keepin,
Worldview – Sept 2016 in London

Sub-Tropcal Fruits – needs and uses
Conceptual Report for Crystal Waters Permaculture village
Pig farming in Cambodia


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