Marina Dain


Marina Dain

“It is essential to reduce the distance between what is said and what is done, in such a way that, at a given moment, your speech is your practice.”

– Paulo Freire

Marina Dain is a Mother, Educator, Group Facilitator, Designer and Dancer. She is a Cofounder of Terra Una NGO and Ecovillage, where she lives and works on collaborative, ecologically responsible and economically fair projects. Since 2003 she has been dedicating herself to the study, practice and promotion of an integral sustainability. In 2004 she cofounded Flor&Ser, a solidarity economy network in Rio de Janeiro.

Since 2009, as an organiser of Gaia Education in Brazil, she has coordinated more than 16 programmes in Rio, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Terra Una Ecovillage. Her trajectory is a dance that weaves and transdisciplinarily integrates the experimentation and sharing of the knowledge learnt in a variety of projects and experiences that strengthen regenerative cultures of partnership and respect.

Knowledge Cloud

Country: Brazil

Academic Titles: Graduated in Art and Design


Teaching language: Portuguese

EDEs Facilitated:

EDE São Paulo, Brazil, 2018

EDE Rio, Brazil, from 2009 until now.

EDE Terra Una, Brazil, from 2011 until now.

EDE Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 2012 and 2017.


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