Lucas Medeiros

lucas medeiros

Lucas Medeiros

“Whoever has a friend has everything.

– Emicida

In love with life. Lucas believes in transforming the human lifestyle as a major change to a harmonious world. An entrepreneur and an educator who works in the development of people and systems as a socio-environmental transformation.

Founder of ZVR co. which seeks to raise awareness and develop socio-environmental thinking through artistic and audiovisual productions. Co-founder of the creativity marathon, in which students produce short films related to SDGs.

He believes in the potential of design as a tool for transformation and in the construction of projects as a source of learning.

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Country: Brazil

Academic Titles: Bachelor in Business Management, Postgraduate in financials, Design and Waldorf education

Teaching language: English, Portuguese


GEDS facilitated: Support staff in 2019 GEDS


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