Lorianna Paradise

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Lorianna Paradise

“If we concede that human life can be governed by reason, the possibility of life is destroyed.”

– L. Tolstoy

Motivated by an increasing array of global challenges, influenced by ecological crisis, Lorianna Paradise’s work as an artist, designer, and researcher has been structured around a growing zeitgeist that looks for creative solutions in the analysis and design of social relationships (social permaculture).
Based internationally, Lorianna has for over twenty years been pursuing systems and network themes in her work as an artist. Her work has taken many forms, from more traditional mixed media sculpture and painting, to performative and interactive installation (including performance as a facilitator using participatory learning skills), living as form, and land-based projects, to a combination of all these. Some of the factors that frame her work are zero waste, upcycling, organic food production and consumption, spirituality, gender politics, mindfulness, yoga, reiki, and social connection.
Recently (2018), she completed a design research Master’s thesis project (Glasgow School of Art, GSA, Highlands Campus) examining the sociotone, or social edge, in higher education. Using as exemplars Gaia Education, and the Findhorn Foundation eco/ intentional pedagogical methods for socially regenerative skills, she then applied them using performative facilitation with the students at the GSA.

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Countries: Germany, USA, Switzerland

Teaching language: English