Lena Kandelin


Lena Kandelin

“Peace cannot be built on the foundations of fear.”

– Marshall B. Rosenberg

Lena has since many years been exploring consciousness, empowerment and resilience. Through her work at the Red Cross and Save the Children, she has gained experience in crises management, migration and intercultural understanding. Lena has also been involved in international collaborations exploring processes of inclusion of marginalised groups. She has a Master’s degree in Social Sciences and has been trained for international peace building.

She is currently working to promote dialogue and collaborations between civil society, municipalities and governmental organisations where Agenda 2030, gender and human rights are important foundations. She is especially interested in deepening her understanding of authentic partnerships and collaborations, non-violent communication, and how artistic expressions and life’s creativity can be a powerful way to promote personal and collective healing and transformation.

Knowledge Cloud

Country: Sweden

Academic Titles: Master’s degree in Social Sciences

Teaching language: English