E. Christopher Mare

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“Live more in your spine”– Paramahansa Yogananda

Christopher began a self-designed university education at the same time the Global Ecovillage Network was getting started. He endeavoured to set an academic precedent for the vision they were presenting. This resulted in the world’s first degree devoted to Ecovillage Design.

Since then Christopher has completed two Masters and a PhD. During this process he coordinated the writing of the first four versions of the EDE curriculum and the Ecological Key. His doctoral dissertation bore the title Designing for Consciousness, which is his passion. Christopher facilitates a Design Studio process that integrates Yoga as a method for conditioning the nervous system in preparation for perceiving essence.

His NGO Village Design Institute will secure a land-base upon which to establish an Academy of Design whose purpose will be researching and promulgating Designing for Consciousness principles and techniques.

Knowledge Cloud 

Country: USA
Academic Titles: M.A. Whole Systems Design, M.A. Human and Organisational Systems, PhD.
Website: http://www.villagedesign.org/
Teaching language: English
EDEs Facilitated:
Wongsanit Ashram 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
Albuquerque 2006-7
EDE Curriculum, 2005
Ecological Key, 2011
Designing for Consciousness: Towards a Theory of Environmental Design using Neurophenomenology as Methodology, 2016
Academic Papers:
The Urban Village: Synergy of Ecology and Urbanism, 2006
Design for Beauty: Evolution beyond Sustainability, 2010
Towards a Neurophenomenology of Settlement Morphology, 2012
Press articles:
Designing My Own Education for the Ecovillage Millennium, 2000
¿Qué es el Diseño? 2013
Designing for Consciousness: Outline of a Neurophenomenological Research Program, 2016