Cynthia Blackshear

Cynthia Blackshear peq

“If we lose the forests, we lose our only instructors. People must see forests as the greatest educational system that we have on the planet. If we lose all the universities, we lose nothing. But if we lose all the forests, we lose everything.” – Bill Mol

A lifelong gardener, Cynthia describes herself as a “Passionate Permie”, studying and practicing Permaculture, eventually obtaining her PDC and her teaching certification. Cynthia brings the skills and experience of a decades-long career in corporate consulting, training and systems design. As a small business owner, she created such diverse businesses as bookstores and scuba diving soft goods manufacture. She was surprised to find how well her experience and skills are translating to her work in sustainability and is excited to bring that to her teaching and consulting practice. She loves facilitating classes because of the opportunity to introduce new ideas and concepts and because she considers teaching a learning experience. Her pet project is creating a model that weaves the EDE and PDC utilizing both online and face-to-face learning methodologies. Cynthia is an ordained metaphysical minister and a Certified Lifecycle Celebrant specializing in ceremony.

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Country: United States
Academic Titles: BSMsc
Teaching language: English