Cristina Cantergiani

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“You don’t need to do everything. Do what calls your heart; effective action comes from love. It’s unstoppable, and it’s enough” - Joanna Macy

Cristina Cantergiani is an Architect, Psychologist, Post-Graduate in Cooperation Pedagogy and Collaborative Methodologies, Post-Graduate in Existential Phenomenological Clinical Psychology. The Coletivamentes company dedicates to promoting specific projects to collectives and organisations to enhance the collaborative relationships among people.

Since the experience of participating in Gaia Education in 2014, her desire to support intrapersonal, interpersonal, systemic connections has increased a lot.

Interested in deepening her knowledge, Immersion in Terra Una was a transforming experience that brought her light to the greatness of our existence and unveiled a vast form of belonging aspects that were previously seen separately. This enabled her to be on a path with more mean full existence, then she started a second degree in Psychology and later entered the universe of Existential Phenomenology.

The Pedagogy of Cooperation and Cooperative Methodologies emerged later due to the possibility of acquiring more information that would provide the co-creation of new ways of being together and enhancing the capacity to create, re-signify, and regenerate. This trail has captivated and nurtured her to help human interactions opening up possibilities to make transformations that could enable everyone to be more aware and conscious of the capacity to change themselves and the world.

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Country: Brazil
Academic Titles: Architect, Psychologist, Post-Graduate in Cooperation Pedagogy, and Collaborative Methodologies, Post-Graduate in Existential Phenomenological Clinical Psychology

Teaching language: Portuguese

Website: @Coletivamentes