Claudia Valadares Arakaki

Claudia arakaki peq

“Nature does not hurry. Yet, everything is accomplished”– Lao Tzu

Claudia has been investigating Daoist and Buddhist wisdom, as a disciple, teacher, professional and practitioner, and is passionate about the transformation of consciousness.

After spending several years devoted to meditation and personal development practices, Claudia realised that it was time for her to also contribute to the transformation of collective consciousness. Following this, starting a new period in her life, in 2010 she co-founded the Transition Town movement in Rio de Janeiro and formed a group in her neighbourhood.

Since then, Claudia has been giving training and has been involved with projects in Brazil and Australia that stimulate a regenerative culture on both a personal and planetary level. Claudia believes that regeneration happens naturally when we heal our inner wounds. 

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Country: Australia and Brazil


Teaching language: Portuguese and English