Camilla Nielsen-Englyst

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Camilla Nielsen-Englyst (Hallingelille Ecovillage, Denmark) has a strong passion for organisational work, believing in the strength of community, from the local to the global. Her educational background is within communication and learning/educational design, both with an international twist.

Professionally, she has served different organizations as a consultant, trainer, fundraiser and international project coordinator. Now she is forming new ecovillages professionally, trying to bridge to the mainstream. Camilla has an international spirit, spending years as a European student politician, having lived abroad in several countries and working within the NGO/international development field. She has co-facilitated four EDE’s and her strength is in the Social Dimension, even she can facilitate modules in each dimension. Localizing the SDG’s is part of her core work. In general, Camilla has a critical mind and likes to ask many questions and facilitate explorative learning journeys. In GEN Europe Camilla serves in the Council, where she contributes with her organisational and project-specific expertise to strengthen the movement – National Networks being one of the means – and she also represents GEN Europe in the board of GEN.

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Country: Denmark
Teaching language: English