Gaia ToT embedded in the largest urban forest of the world


Reinvigorating to be learning at the National School of Tropical Botanics, embedded in Tijuca Forest Rio de Janeiro, the largest urban forest of the world, covering some 32 km², home to hundreds of species of plants and wildlife, many threatened by extinction.

The Brazil TOT reminded me of the importance of ‘who I am’ rather than ‘what I know’ in the process of building my own strengths as a change maker and edge worker.

It showed me how my knowledge can be reorgani​zed in a sustainable way to drive real change collectively. And it raised my awareness that it all starts with my own readiness to change, which has a significant impact on the group as we learn together by collecting insights from each other all the time during the course.

It was clear how TOT is committed to catalyzing change at an individual level first, then integrating it with the learning community we were part of, and to then move us to develop the attributes and skills required to facilitate any transformational process anywhere.

I was especially happy to feel that TOT methodologies are capable of reaching beyond my mind, as they also engaged my body and soul to participate fully in the understanding of what a NESTED SYSTEM is and how I can apply it in my endeavors.


Lucimara Letelier is the founder of Museu Vivo, a platform bridging sustainability and museums to drive chang​e​.