Building Communities with Oscar Gussinyer


Gaia Education’s graduates have amazing stories to share, and Oscar Gussinyer Galceran is one of them. Oscar has been involved in sustainability for over two decades and with permaculture for the last 15 years. During these years Oscar has co-created communities, cooperatives and a social centre. In 2017 he took part in Gaia Education’s Training of Trainers (ToT) in Findhorn. Nowadays, he is dedicated to co-creative facilitation, community resilience, regenerative development and transformational education.

Oscar and the other participants in ToT Findhorn 2017

I am part of a group working on creating this amazing learning community to be able to self-manage your own education and leverage change:

With our coop, we are working with a lot of different projects around the region to bring more community resilience and regenerative development, we have a lot of work and love to collaborate with other organizations. We are also working on different international projects to research new approaches to eco-social transformation.

The beautiful building where Uniterra courses are run

Oscar shares with us a little of how he feels the Training of Trainers impacted his life:

The ToT is inspiring and most importantly for me, is to become a member of a global family of change-makers. Sometimes when you are working on your little corner of the earth, and things turn out to be more difficult than you thought, to be able to rise your head and see that there are thousands of change-makers spread around the globe that are working on their little corners, that is heartwarming and highly encouraging for me.

Learn more about Oscar’s inspiring projects:

33coop – a sustainable building coop
Uniterra – a transformational learning Community
Nuria Social – a social Centre
Resilience Earth – a coop building regenerative development and community resilience